Peace, I am Monica McMillan owner and creator of Creators and Company.
I am a Raleigh native with experience as a fashion merchandiser + coordinator and business administration with a focus in marketing. I have managed over 50 participants for creative events and have created timeless brands for entrepreneurs to build their family legacy.

Being a 3rd generation entrepreneur has influenced my life since age 15 when I started working in a local consignment shop and was then titled the head visual merchandiser and assistant to the owner for 6 years. During that time I collaborated with Nike on a community t-shirt design, coordinated fashion shows, and helped my parents with running their assisted living. 

Working in only small local businesses all my life, I have experienced what it means to build a successful business and the foundation of a business is but most importantly why a team is the most important. 


Our purpose is to be the united force as we create your legacy.

Our mission is to empower businesses to believe beyond their vision by uniting community and creators.

Our values > We unite creators. We empower community. We transform visions. We believe in change. We enlighten peace. 

We work with passionate entrepreneurs that are open to change and believe in the importance of community and uniting creators to create a legacy. 

Our passion equation > belief + clarity = success

We provide the clarity. You provide the belief.