Our Journey.

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Summer 2011

Fall 2012

During the summer she was awarded the opportunity to work with Nike to produce the Raleigh Blvd. Community T-shirts. For 4 years Monica was being trained by LaTrisha to become the front of show coordinator and back of the house coordinator. She also was approached by consignment store owner, Emily Fallin, to become the visual merchandiser of both of her shops. 

Late sophomore year at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School 15 years old McMillan decided to take on the fashion coordination role as her graduation project and wanted to start early. Monica had the resources and experience to produce a quality fashion show competition at her school but wanted a helping hand. She reached out to her fashion teacher and now her fashion mentor Carl McLaurin who helped create and administer the fashion show - awarding scholarships to competition winners to over 8 participants during her Junior and Senior year. 

Summer 2015

Monica then graduated from Southeast Raleigh HS and stayed local in Raleigh, NC to attend Meredith College. In between high school and college she freelanced 2 fashion shows for the community and then freshman year at Meredith College experienced complete burn out.

Spring 2016

McMillan took a break from fashion shows in her first year in college and then took the route of partnering with her school mate and friend Logan Alphin to create music, fashion, and vendor events for the Raleigh Community called LM Events. Monica was majoring in fashion merchandising at the time and then realized marketing is her natural gift and changes majors during her second year.

Fall 2018

LM events took a break during the tip of their senior year in 2018 and decided to focus on their last year. Monica had to stay an extra semester and graduated in December 2019 to finish her degree in Marketing because of her first two years in Fashion. After graduating McMillan wanted to go the entrepreneurial route being a 3rd generation entrepreneur and decided to become a full-time nanny and help with her parents business. 

Winter 2020

During her nanny career she landed her first client - UNC - and was picking up clients and exploring her business model. After 8 months as a nanny McMillan left her nanny career to create Creators + Company off of faith, impact, and dedication to make a change for the BIPOC community because of the lack of access business owners around her had. Monica is a multi-faceted business woman and creative that desires to help our community.


The Roots

Fall 2010

It all started at age 13 - our owner, Monica McMillan, was asked to be the Mistress of Ceremony for her middle school's (Carnage Middle School - located in Raleigh, NC ) fashion show which was a huge success when she was approached by NYC fashion show coordinator LaTrisha Valdez Rushing who had moved to NC to create a fashion scene in Raleigh.

The root of our company is from the owner's Grandmother, Grandma James (Reather James), she was a true bold Black + Native American woman entrepreneurMrs. James wanted nothing but the best for her family and wanted to leave a legacy that would inspire to have peace, happiness, family, faith, and a quality plan. We want to continue her legacy and allow more legacies to be created like Grandma James' to come along on the journey and stand in our own word and support each other.