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We are so excited to announce the BIG launch of Creators and Company. Aesthetic Creator Monica McMillan and Artist Makeda Iroquois have partnered together for our FIRST EVER annual experience to highlight Makeda's new cover Diamonds to celebrate what it means to be a Timeless Creator at Creators + Company.

Thank You

BIG thank you to God and the community for allowing me to walk in faith and serve with intention and purpose


Thank you to our sponsors for helping Creators and Company bring creators together to impact the community by servicing with equitable creative opportunities. Makeda Iroqouis thanks for headlining the event and being our Vibe Contructor. Wildrecluse thanks for bringing your lovely voice into the space. DJ Aumnï thank you for curating the music vibes for the event. Chef Bill of No Garnish we appreciate your food from the soul to cater to all people. Evs Bevs Mixology your curated drinks featuring Redd Rose Vodka and Wonder Puff was amazing. 1X Studios your venue was the start of our photography journey and we love the aesthetic your space has. CJ Monét your exclusive illustration for us was a so lovely and are honored to now gift. Playful Palette your graphic design spoke volumes to bring the event to life.


Directly from the owner, Monica McMillan - Thank you to my late grandparents that paved the way for me, my parents, sisters, partner, and family that have supported every step of the journey, Logan Alphin I appreciate every bit of inspiration you put into truly curating the long term vision of this event and my amazing fashion mentors Carl McLaurin and LaTrisha Valdez - Rushing thank you for bringing me into amazing spaces.

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