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Monica McMillan of Creators and Company at Optimist Hall photographed by Picman 707 / Corey Weaver in Charlotte, NC

We collaborate with other creatives and entrepreneurs to build legacy brands through aesthetically pleasing and user friendly digital real estate (websites), timeless and quality content (photography), and intentionally curated experiences (event curation). With the creative services we also have support for creators by having Zen Zones to keep the dream going and the stress away.

Creators + Company was created in 2019 by Monica McMillan - owner and aesthetic creator. While creativity and passion is what many entrepreneurs want to showcase, a lot of times the worm hole of stress unintentionally captivates many.


This time we are here as creatives to change the narrative because stress leads to many health down falls, especially in the BIPOC community and women, we are here to support you as a creative house that goes with the flow. 



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