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Our Story

In the year 2019, the seeds of Creators + Company were sown by Monica McMillan, an Aesthetic Alchemist with a heart pulsating for creativity. Fueled by her passion for creativity and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by creators, laid the foundation for a space where creativity could thrive, unburdened by the stress.


Monica's vision for Creators + Company was born from a profound insight—creativity should be a source of joy, not stress. Her vision was not merely to provide services but to create a holistic creative house—a space where the flow of creativity is not restricted, and the well-being of creators is prioritized.


At Creators + Company we are committed to help creativeprenuers craft aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly digital real estate through website design, timeless and quality content through photography, and impactful + community driven experience curation. Beyond these services, we provide a safe virtual space called Zen Zones—a unique monthly support system designed to keep the dream alive while alleviating the stress that often accompanies the creative and entrepreneurial process. Free to our retainer clients, open to all other clients and the public. 


As we gaze into the future, we envision ourself as a catalyst, impacting the creative community on a profound level. The mission to be known for exceptional care, quality deliverables, and accessible prices is intertwined with the vision of cultivating an environment where creativepreneurs grow together, celebrating each other's unique stories. The roadmap ahead of us is one where creativity knows no bounds, stress becomes a distant memory, and every creator becomes a torchbearer of their own creative legacy.


creative agency located in Charlotte, NC and can travel anywhere

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