We help small businesses balance their hustle and peace to thrive in their niche. Founded in August 2020 in Raleigh, NC our consultants want to support small businesses by using our strategies to thrive in their niche to increase sales, gain loyal leads, and understand what will allow your business to grow.



I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a creative heart. Coming from an entrepreneurial family I knew I wanted to own at least one business but I'm off to many because I truly want to help my community.


At age 15, I started my journey as a Front + Backstage Fashion Show Assistant and Visual Merchandise Manager at a consignment shop. Then I started designing my own dresses and coordinating my own fashion shows. Every-time I made sure I collaborated with some one, had marketing materials, and I was super ambitious and I believed I could do it all my self (which is ... not true).


Today, I have collaborated on designs with Nike for the Raleigh Blvd. Community T-shirts, coordinated over 20 fashion shows and events, and now created my own consulting agency. I graduated from Meredith College where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing in December 2019. 


Before I went to the marketing side at Meredith College I was a Fashion Merchandise major for 2 years and then decided to switch because marketing came natural to me and creating what a company could look like through strategy and visuals was amazing so I switched! See - things happen but you have a choice to do what makes you happy.

This all happened and is happening because a strong foundation is what I am continuing to build and that I want to teach and help others to build but most importantly I couldn't have accomplished any of this with out a team that I trust and that go above and beyond so we can grow together. 

So, remember that if you put your mind to it and the work with a good team then, YOU CAN DO IT, just believe.

Favorite Color: Purple - "specifically lavender"

Favorite Food: Tacos - "one day you all with be able to try the famous MoJo tacos"



Monica McMillan

Owner + Senior Business Consultant







KIANA STATON | business + marketing consultant

Kiana is a marketing professional with prior experience in consumer-based marketing and communications. Her current focus is primarily on communication planning and strategy, media relations and operations. With a passion for innovative marketing strategies and creative storytelling, she finds joy in pushing the boundaries of traditional public relations and marketing strategies. When she’s not working, Kiana enjoys teaching dance, baking goodies of all kinds and spending time with family and friends.


Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration of Marketing


Involvement: PRSA and PRSA Colorado member

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Mac + Cheese



JASIRA SWINTON | pr + social media consultant

Jasira has experience in hospitality and retail, and a passion for connecting people and helping people. Her passions lie in communications, marketing, public relations, and brand development. However, she enjoys learning new things and facing new challenges so she invites different fields to expand her skills and broaden her horizons. Jasira loves communicating with both groups and individuals of diverse audiences to create a more connected environment. Her curiosity drives her to problem-solve through broad and expansive means, to find the most efficient and innovative solutions.

Favorite Color: Purple 

Favorite Food: Rice




OKIRAH HARRIS | creative director + branding manager

Co-Owner of: OG Creations

Favorite Colors: Orange + Yellow

Favorite Food: Seafood






BREANNA POWELL | event creative curator

Bre is a a Social Worker by day and a lifestyle blogger, event-planner and professional multitasker by...the rest of the day. She excels in creative design, event aesthetics and logistics. Bre fell in love with planning events in college when she'd plan annual vision board parties and birthday celebrations for her friends. She loves the joy that people, especially Black people, display when they gather together and that is what drives her to planning events. She aims to curate vibes that leave folks feeling good and anticipating the next event.

Owner of: The Busy Bre Blog

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Food: Mac + Cheese

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AISHA COTTON | event logistics coordinator

Aisha is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) specializing in creating strategies to meet organizational needs and producing measurable outcomes. She excels in strategic planning, logistics, Agile project management, and decision making. Her background is in event planning, but creating experiences is her passion! She loves bringing people together where started she in college while serving as the president of a student organization. She realized how important community was and noticed that events were the glue that formed long lasting connections. 

Certifications: Certified Meeting Professional 

Owner of: A Cup of Tea Events

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Tacos 


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