We help underserved small business manage their hustle and peace to thrive in their niche.


Creators and Company was founded in August 2020 in Raleigh NC. Our mission is to bridge the gap of financial disparity of underserved communities with small businesses that withstands time and their competitors with innovation and effective strategies.


We allow our community to afford quality services, a team that cares, and build a brand with a strong foundation. We are Black owned and Women led and proud to delivery expert advice and impactful, purposeful, innovative, and quality services.



I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a creative heart. Coming from an entrepreneurial family I knew I wanted to own at least one business but I'm off to many because I truly want to help my community.


At age 15, I started my journey as a Front + Backstage Fashion Show Assistant and Visual Merchandise Manager at a consignment shop. Then I started designing my own dresses and coordinating my own fashion shows. Every-time I made sure I collaborated with some one, had marketing materials, and I was super ambitious and I believed I could do it all my self (which is ... not true).


Today, I have collaborated on designs with Nike for the Raleigh Blvd. Community T-shirts, coordinated over 20 fashion shows and events, and now created my own consulting agency. I graduated from Meredith College where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing in December 2019. 


Before I went to the marketing side at Meredith College I was a Fashion Merchandise major for 2 years and then decided to switch because marketing came natural to me and creating what a company could look like through strategy and visuals was amazing so I switched! See ... things happen but you have a choice to do what makes you happy.

This all happened and is happening because a strong foundation is what I am continuing to build and that I want to teach and help others to build but most importantly I couldn't have accomplished any of this with out a team that I trust and that go above and beyond so we can grow together. 

So, remember that if you put your mind to it and the work with a good team then, YOU CAN DO IT, just believe.

Favorite Color: Purple - "specifically lavender"

Favorite Food: Tacos - "one day you all with be able to try the famous MoJo tacos"




Owner + Senior Business Consultant

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