What it means to identify as a Peaceful Hustler + it's origins.

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My name is Monica McMillan the owner of THE small business consulting agency made just for you. You are a Peaceful Hustler and I am one too, but what does it mean to identify as one?

Today I want to talk about what it means to be a Peaceful Hustler and it’s origins, because Creators and Company is just ONE company branched off of Peaceful Hustlers - the parent company. So you may be wondering...a parent company? Think of Johnson + Johnson, Unilever, Facebook, they own many companies within one company. That’s how it works here and Creators + Company and a few others that I can’t release yet, this the 1st pillar to our journey. So there are many business models out there, find one that works for you! Such as franchises or just one business as a sole proprietorship (1 person) or partnership (2 or more persons).

Peaceful Hustlers was invented in a car ride with my cousin as we thought about the roots of our family and who my maternal grandmother (Grandma James) was because there was an underlying theme to who my mother and her sisters (Grandma James daughters) are today and how they were back then. Grandma James was a Black + Native-American woman that was identified with much respect due to her passion for the community in how she treated the people around her. She threw the best parties, had a kind heart, stood in confidence, had a personality that you couldn’t forget or resist, and she went after her dreams to provide for her family. Owning over 25 acres with an assisted living, numerous rental properties, a boarding house, a farm, she was nominated for many leadership awards because she knocked down barriers with a strong team of CPA’s, Lawyers, Land Brokers, and many other individuals that my family has relationships with today.

My Grandmother was a beautiful woman and had a rare gift for providing for the community, herself, her family, and especially her daughters. I knew her up until age 7 but I have one photo of her (image below) and I together that reminds me to see the vision through no matter what. The smile I have and the face she is giving me is like “Oh, this Monica is something else but I love her” and I’m just like “I LOVE YOU BUNCHESSS … CHEESE”.

Under all of these beautiful moments with her she was running a business. A business that she built from the ground up from the design of the building to the people she hired and what clients she took in. She built a BRAND - a business with a purpose - she barely used print marketing and no digital marketing like now in the late 1960’s. It was all about word of mouth and what past and current clients were saying about her business and how she presented herself and constructed business. Her daughters (including my mother) helped after her husband passed away who stood by her side every step of the way. Grandma James trained them and after she passed in 2004 she passed the business on to her daughters to continue.

Grandma James and her best friend Clarice Atwater were the ONLY TWO Black-Owned Assisted Livings in Wake County. In 2009 Mrs.Atwater approached my parents to buy her assisted living because of their experience with their family business. My parents had a flourishing business from 2009 - 2020 and now are headed to doing individual entrepreneurial ventures because being an entrepreneur is in our blood.


We have this illusion that hustling is 24/7, go-go-go, work night and day, and stay up through the night to get it done. That is a misinterpretation of who entrepreneurs are and can be, you can hustle but you can maintain your peace by getting a massage once a month, using time blocks to know when it is work and when it is break time. But it is up to you to say hey I want to manage my hustle and peace because your body, mind, and spirit is priority because that is the driver of what makes your vision come to life.

So, I want to continue my Grandma James’ legacy of what it means to be a Peaceful Hustler because she encouraged the legacy for generations and grew thriving businesses, provided for her community, nurtured her family, and she did whatever it was that brought HER joy.

Everything she did was backed by a support group of friends, family, employees, partners, and industry professionals. They were her support group because she helped them and they helped her, it was a boomerang effect. Let’s give the love, let’s receive the love. Today I strive to do that in every relationship I build. The followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all the social media platforms should change the word followers to supporters. Because I’ll be honest I don’t want to follow anyone and I don’t want anyone to follow me. I may be able to guide you but I will guide you through supporting you. The power is rooted in the word.

Creators + Company is where we build Peaceful Hustlers because I know there are people that can identify with those two words around the world. Community is key and now as we launch our Peaceful Hustlers Only Member Community I’m excited for the support we will provide for underserved communities that want to make their vision come to life and give the tools to make that happen.

Through our PH Member Only Community you will be able to access resources - business tools, self care brands, grant opportunities, podcasts, VIP Events, weekly motivational texts from myself, biweekly community happy hours, and a birthday treat from us!

And the great thing about the membership is it is completely FREE! Our mission is to bridge the gap of financial disparity of underserved communities with small businesses that withstands time and their competitors with innovation and effective strategies. We allow our community to afford quality services, a team that cares, and build a brand with a strong foundation. We are Black owned and Women led and proud to deliver expert advice and impactful, purposeful, innovative, and quality services.

I hope you enjoy this post and will come back next time! I will be conducting a lot of research and will be coming your way with blog posts that have business tips, marketing trends, and so much more!

Peace be with you,

Monica McMillan

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