We help small businesses manage their hustle and peace to thrive in their niche.


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Monica McMillan

Owner + Senior Business Consultant

Monica is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a creative heart having industry experience in retail, food + beverage, event planning, and user experience marketing she provides expert strategies that land clients and sell products. She believes that content is key but you have to start somewhere which is with the consumer - the person buying the product/service. Creating a strategy that translates to create content that is effective and can connect with LOYAL consumers is key to a brand that thrives. 


Our mission is to bridge the gap of financial disparity of underserved communities with small businesses that withstands time and their competitors with innovation and effective strategies.


We are Black owned and Women led and proud to delivery expert advice and impactful, purposeful, innovative, and quality services.

Transparency. Purpose. Support. Quality. Innovative. Timeless. Family. Brave. Patience.



hourly rates starting at $75 - $115 /hr

We allow our community to afford quality services, a team that cares, and build a brand with a strong foundation.

Creative Direction, Project Manager, C-Suite Level Day-to-Day Activities (email, scheduling, pitch creations, etc) 

Monthly Basis, Temp, Contract

Advice, abbreviate strategy, tutorials

- competitive analysis
- consumer insight

- social media audit 
- content calendar
- posting schedule 
- engagement directions

- 2 Tactic Variations 
- Distribution Channel List
- 1 Copy Template (email, captions)
- 5 - 15 list of press contact information 
- Schedule

- Problem + Solution
- Existing Alternatives Cost
- Structure
- Revenue Streams
- Concept 
- Channels
- Unique Value Proposition 

Analysis of:
- Evaluation of Alternatives
- Your Consumers Purchase Decision
- Post-Purchase Behavior

- Awareness Plan
- Interest + Evaluation Plan


Sales Process Breakdown

- Situation Analysis & Competitive Landscape

- Segmentation & Consumer Insight

- Creative Brief

- Campaign Concept
- Mood Board
- Mock-up Content (non-graphics) description only (1-3 variations)
- Captions (2 variations)
- Campaign Schedule

- vision statement
- company bio
- mission statement
- 3 core values
- target audience personas templates
- competitive analysis
- tagline 
- value proposition
- resources

- Past event audit
- Venue plan - guest + participant count, date + time
- Crowd management + crowd flow plan
- Stakeholders + Sponsors List w/contact info
- Expected expenses + revenue

- Layout Plan
- Decoration mood board w/ links
- Food mood board + vendor references
- Itinerary for guests + vendors
- Risk assessment
- Evaluation Plan

- Problem + Solution
- Existing Alternatives Cost
- Structure
- Revenue Streams
- Concept 
- Channels
- Unique Value Proposition 
- Key Metrics 
- Sales Funnel 
- Product + Price + Promotion + Place 
- Mission 
- 3 Core Values 
- Segmentation 
- Buyer Personas  
- 3 Month Forecast, 6 Month Forecast 
- 1 Year Forecast, 5 Year Forecast

Oversee advertisements, events, pr, and design

Research + Development

study your industry trends are and innovate what will make your business standout

Systems analysis + research + recommendations

Cost analysis, revenue streams, structure

Hiring Process aid to build your dream team

Clients & Partnerships

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What Our Peaceful Hustlers Are Saying

I am so happy to have Creators and Company as my PR and Marketing team because before I was just a one man team!


Each day, as a Peaceful Hustler, we set a goal to stand in our purpose by following through with our passion driven services or products and take the leap of faith. Along the way there will be challenges but triple the accomplishments. It's all about bringing the vision but most importantly the plan, the resources, and the team. 

The Joy Party is a virtual event  with our golden melanin women entrepreneurs - we want to get together for one night of fun, relaxation, and social time the last Friday of every month. Special guests, activities, and a special box will be delivered to your door full of Women Owned products, Creators and Co swag, and all the materials you need to enJOY the party!

Postponed to August 2021

Entrepreneurship can be tough and we want to make sure that you are building a successful business from the ground up. Monica McMillan is speaking to current Small Business Owners about how they hustle in peace each day and the story behind how they got started to what their big vision is.

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